Gamma World - Adventures in the Lone Star Confederacy

The Machine, Part 1

Bull, Boc, Kacsuta, Altus, and Tevote all heard the strange buzzing sound coming up the stairs. Kacsuta said it was the same sound he heard coming from the strange probe he had seen the week before. They all prepared their weapons and waited to assault the device. Within moments the strange probe appeared on the stairs. It was made of a shiny metallic metal and had blinking lights. The group opened fire simultaneously and the probe took a few hits before it exploded, blasting small metallic fragments on the stairs.

Boc, the large Yeti, said they should continue down the stairs and find out where these probes were coming from. Everyone agreed and they proceeded. There were several flights of stairs that zigzagged further down underground. Bull and Boc bravely led the way and stumbled into a room where two Badders were hiding behind an upturned table armed with crossbows and wearing light ring mail. A fierce battle ensued and one of the Badders fell dead. The second Badder fled into an adjoining room. The brave adventurers pursued him and peaked into the room. They saw a cage holding 4 humans directly in front of a large machine that was humming loudly. The wounded Badder took cover behind the machine. As Kacsuta took cover behind a statue of a Badder he got a better angle into the room and noticed another Badder cowering behind the machine and two Porkers dressed in leather swinging flails. Boc aimed his bow and let loose an arrow towards the wounded Badder. His aim wasn’t true and the arrow went wild, soaring into the cage and sinking deep into the chest of one of the human prisoners. The three other human prisoners glanced over at their dying companion but didn’t show much reaction, they remained seated.

A wild, reckless battle ensued within moments. Boc and Bull swung wildly. As they approached the machine they both experienced severe pain in their heads. Altus took a fast shot with his rifle but missed his intended target, instead sending a powerful shot into Boc’s leg that knocked him to the ground senseless. Kacsuta quickly approached Boc and attached a small metallic disc into the back of Boc’s hand. This device sent a jolt of adrenaline through Boc’s body, restoring his vigor. Tevote had remained behind in the other room, finally picking the lock to a pair of double doors. He swung open the doors and startled one of the Badders that was taking cover behind the machine.

The two Badders and two Porkers were soon killed. Altus studied the machine and quickly realized that he should be able to disable it by disconnecting several wires. Boc and Kacsuta approached the door to the cell which was secured by a large padlock. They both took turns smashing the lock with their weapons. Tevote approached Boc and Kacsuta and told them to stop. Tevote quickly picked the damaged lock and threw it to the ground.


To the Hills

The village of Haven is a refuge within the wilderness where mutants and humans live together in peace. Haven sits atop the ruins of a city of the Ancients. Recently strange robotic probes have been seen on a daily basis. They usually get within view of the town walls and blow up. On four occasions the droids actually got close enough to Haven to launch a missile at the village wall causing little real damage but creating a concern for the citizens. The droids seem to be coming from the direction of a known warren of Badders, 5 foot tall humanoid badgers, known to be dangerous and wreckless pillagers. These Badders are known to be very primitive in technology and the citizens wonder why the high tech probes would be coming from their warrens.

A group of friends has decided now is the time to finally step out of Haven and start adventuring. They have been discussing going out and exploring the world for some time and now seemed the perfect time. Life is very safe and secure within the walls of Haven but rather boring. This group of friends decided to follow the trail of the droids and investigate.


This group of brave adventurers consisted of Bull, a person over 7 feet tall and at least 400 pounds, wielding a large iron pipe and armed with a shotgun. A human/android named Altus favored a large hunting knife and hunting rifle. Boc, a large Yeti with explosive powers armed himself with a greatsword and a greatbow. Tevote, a mysterious Hawkoid, favored a well made short bow while he was hovering and a short sword for close up work. Last but not least was Kacsuta, a radioactive Felinoid who wielded a homemade double sword and a powerful composite crossbow.

The group headed out of Haven toward the hills. It was a long trek through untamed lands that took them until late afternoon to reach. The hills had a series of ridgelines that the brave group climbed. Eventually they spotted a small tower on top of a hill and crept stealthfully towards it. Tevote led the group, pointing out the best cover and concealment. They soon noticed four figures guarding the tower and as they got nearer they could identify two Porkers – Pig humanoids known to be fat and foul smelling – and two Badders armed with crossbows. They decided to just strike to kill, everyone agreed that trying to talk their way in was useless. Tevote again led the group from ridgeline to ridgeline, using large rocks as cover. The plan was to sneak up as closely as they could and get the jump on them. Unfortunately one of the Badders had a strong sense of smell and he caught of whiff of the Yeti. He sounded the alarm.

The group charged in toward the Porkers. Kacsuta swung his improvised double sword toward one porker, Bull swung his iron pipe at another. The Badders remained behind the rocks, shooting crossbow bolts towards the group. The Porkers let off disgusting belches to try and sicken the brave adventurerers as they swung their flails. One porker fell dead and Altus took careful aim with his rifle and finished off the last Porker with a shot to the leg, spurting some blood onto Kacsuta. Kacsuta said “Be careful with that thing.” Altus said “Sorry”.

The group converged on the two Badders still cowering behind rocks and shooting bolts. Perhaps the Badders weren’t so tough and fearless as they were known. They were struck down very quickly and the group spent a few moments catching their breath. Tevote seemed restless and eager for more battle so he flew to the top of the tower and spotted a trapdoor in the roof. He threw a rope down to Boc and told the group about the trapdoor and that they should all climb up the tower. Kacsuta said that they should investigate some ancient junk that was piled at the base of the tower first so he, Altus and Bull spent a few moments sifting through junk, hoping to find something worthwile. Kacsuta found a talking toy bear that seemed to be worthwhile, while Altus found a valuable ceramic ring and Bull found a silver egg.

One by one the adventurers climbed the rope. Boc and Bull went up the rope quickly. Altus had a little trouble gripping the rope at first but eventually made it. Last of all was Kacsuta, a bit overconfident in his climbing ability as he had quite a bit of trouble with the rope. He looked a bit embarassed as he gathered around the trapdoor with the others.

The brave group all held their ranged weapons ready as the trapdoor was flung open. Below they could see a torch lit room with a soft earth floor. They could just make out a rectangular patch of grass, a stairway leading down, and a couple of pillars. Boc decided to grab the rope and climb down. As he descended the rope he immediately spotted a large creature that looked like a lion with wings perched on a platform. He also noticed two badders standing on platforms ten feet above the floor, each firing off a crossbow bolt towards Boc. He managed to avoid the bolts and shimmied down the rope at full speed. Altus and Bull also climbed down the rope and were down in an instant. Kacsuta didn’t bother with the rope, he just jumped down the hole and landed on his feet just like a cat does. Last into the tower was Tevote, also having no use for the rope as he swooped in using his wings.

A furious battle then ensued inside the tunnel. The lion creature, known as a Yexil, flew off the perch and attempted to knock the adventurers to the ground, beating it’s wings repeatedly. The Yexil had a large mandible coming out of it’s head which he used to crush Bull’s head, dazing and nearly killing him. Bull backed away from the Yexil, dizzy and fearing death. A lucky shot from one of the Badders hit Boc right in the head as well, stunning him senseless and severly wounding him. When Boc regained his whits he approached the Badder standing upon it’s perch and sent an explosive blast towards it, knocking it off it’s perch to land prone below. The Badder stood up and quickly glanced across the room. He was winded and near death. On the other side of the tower he saw the Yexil and Kacsuta shooting red rays out of their eyes at each other, and Bull pummeling the Yexil with blows. The Yexil looked like it was near death as well. The Badder decided the battle had turned against them and he dove into the soft earth below, burrowing out of site. The other Badder grabbed his ladder and climbed down off his perch, realizing death was inevitable. He also burrowed out of site, hoping to reach his clan lord quickly.

Despite being seriously thrashed the adventurers prevailed against the Yexil. The group spent a few minutes catching their breath and searching the place. They found some valuable trinkets. As they considered pressing on to explore the staircase leading into the depths they heard a strange buzzing sound coming from below. Kacsuta recognized it as a sound he heard coming from a droid he had observed the following week. The brave group looked towards the staircase, waiting to see what happened next…


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